What is Poke?

Poke is a raw fish salad originally made popular in Hawaii.

The word “POKE” (pronounced po-kay) in Hawaiian means “to chop” or “to cut”.

Nowadays it has become a healthy trend

Origin of Poke

Poke is a centuries-old-tradition, possibly dating as far back as the arrival of the first Hawaiians in the island chains. Poke holds a fond place in the hearts of Hawaiian; back then Poke was a simple meal, scraps of reef fish and seaweed.

In Pokinometry, we have taken Poke and made it customizable. Combined with a large variety of toppings and sauces we can satisfy almost anyone’s palette.

We serve cubes of sashimi grade fish that are tossed with delicious soy and sesame seeds and various toppings.

Pokinometry tag line:


-Crafted with love-


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Phone (021) 22571878 or 087784894595

Location: PIK Avenue Mall Dotonbori Foodtown level 2

Hours 10 am-10pm everyday

Location: Gandaria City mall lt 2

Hours 10 am-10pm everyday

Location: Kota Kasablanka @TheCommon lantai Ground


Monday-Saturday 10 am-10pm

Sunday 9am-10pm